Escape quest will be on well deserved vacation in a period 03.02 – 08.02.2017.

Escape quest ce biti na zaslu┼żenom odmoru od 03.02 – 08.02.2017.


Escape Quest is an exciting new kind of entertainment . Belongs to the type of logic room escape games . The game is played in teams and lasts 60 minutes , and the goal is to leave the room during this time . Did you make it it’s up to you.

What’s Escape Quest ?

The concept of the game Escape Room was created in Japan in 2008 on the model of the eponymous computer games . Is essentially a locked room to escape from solving logic puzzles.

How to play Escape Quest ?

This game is intended for all those who want to get up from the computer and play a real game using only logical thinking and resourcefulness . The game is played in teams of 2-5 players. It is important to know that nothing in the room is solved by force , but think carefully about everything and most importantly take a look at every corner . You can always ask for help.